Environment & ecology


The company’s greatest impact on the environment lies in its fuel and electricity consumption and the waste it generates. We act with environmental awareness in our sparing use of resources and energy and avoid unnecessary contamination. Where economically viable, our machines and equipment are always adapted to the most recent state of the art.

It is for this reason that we are converting our headquarters in Schruns to run on natural heat, bringing us one step closer to realising our ambition of sustainable energy management. With our partner “Naturwärme Montafon”, we will save around 22,000 litres of fuel oil and, as a result, approximately 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Because we want tomorrow to be as beautiful as today.

ÖKOPROFIT® - making an active contribution to environmental protection

Jäger Bau has been an ÖKOPROFIT-certified company since 2006.  

A scratch environment team with employees from all areas of the business is addressing the greatest impacts on the environment caused by the company. This is resulting in continuous improvements and optimisations for the sparing use of resources and energy. These are in turn enabling us to reduce our CO2 emissions and energy consumption and to mitigate our environmental impact through the use of natural materials and substances that offer energy-saving potential.