Sargans cavern, Switzerland

Underground Mining Caverns & shafts

Project data

EPC - Espros Photonics Corporation
Order sum
6.0 Mio EUR (in ARGE)
Period of implementation
January 2008 - January 2009

Sekretariat Untertagebau
+43 5556 7181-817

On behalf of Espros Photonics Corporation, JÄGER built a subterranean cavern for the production of computer chips in Sargans. The order included the construction of two entrances on different levels, as well as the excavation and stabilisation of the cavern. One of the challenges was the short construction period and the associated logistics concept for the removal of material; the other was due to the geology, which turned out to be significantly more brittle than had been indicated in the invitation to tender. A total of 40,000 m³ of material was excavated for the caverns.

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